4. pygsl.const
Mathematical and scientific constants

In this module some usefull constants are defined. There are four groups of constants:

The other modules are created during the initialisation of pygsl.const. For convenience the mathematical, physical mks constants and number constants also are available in the namespace of pygsl.const. If the used GSL version is before gsl1.4, see

than the module names are cgs and mks. Form gsl1.5 these modules have been renamed to cgsm and mksa. So to use cgs constants one has to write
import pygsl.const
import pygsl.const.cgs
print pygsl.const.cgs.speed_of_light/pygsl.const.speed_of_light
for gsl $ <$ 1.5 and
import pygsl.const
import pygsl.const.cgsm
print pygsl.const.cgsm.speed_of_light/pygsl.const.speed_of_light
. Of course the result is 100.0. Short examples are given at top of each section.

See Also:

The actual values are taken form the GSL headers. The GNU Scientific Library reference provides a more detailed description of these constants.